Submissions to S.R. SynthWeekly Radio Show


S.R. Synth Weekly is looking for new Synthwave, Electronic, and Anything Synth music for inclusion in the weekly series.

This show is to give exposure to new up and coming artists and help you the artist gain fans and listeners.

If you wish to be a part of the new radio show, Please fill out the form (opens in new link) below and upload the song or songs you wish be played on the show. The forms allow me to upload and assist in Youtube’s copyright issues if need be. I do not fight the copyright unless I do not know the company or someone is trying to file  erroneous copyright, I then will verify with the artist. 

By filling out the form and agreeing to the terms set, you agree to allow the show to play the full song on the YouTube show as well as publish your music sites during the show and on the YouTube pages. Also you allow the Spotify playlist to be made with the song or songs in question. 

My main goal is to help all music get the exposure needed.  We as artists need to help each other and this is my small part in trying to help music artist gain their dreams. 

2017 - NeonCamo Entertainment. 

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