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Mini Blog Review - Blade Runner 2049

So I figured I would finally see the new Blade Runner 2049. The movie was great but for me missing some little things that gave the Original it's stature .

I was a huge Original Blade Runner fan growing up especially with Rutger Hauer. The visuals and total atmosphere of the original gave the viewers a huge sense of wonderment and colors that was, at the time, giving a state of awe. 2049 takes most of that away at the beginning .

Not sure why some critics were having issues with the actors and the way they portrayed each part as I thought they were all excellent in the roles.

At the beginning, we are shown a new world after an apocalyptic Eco-collapse, life on the outskirt of civilization is desolate. We find the new Blade Runner named K and watch as he goes through the story set by the film makers (will not spoil story for those who haven't watched.)

We get to see the new replicants and find out about the the place in the new society of the Los Angeles and how they are treated sorta of. The visuals during the movie in the city and when K is interacting with other aspects are phenomenal.

The music as always it dead on. Zimmer mimicked Vangelis perfectly and set the mood for the entire movie. But then again he always does

The biggest gripe I have for this movie is partly the length of the movie. at almost 3 hours, it's a long watch, . Some of the scenes could have been cut down as they were unneeded to be so long. I understand some scenes were to gain emotion but a few of silence stare could have been removed. Also, the movie seemed to drag in parts that didn't need while pertinent parts felt rushed to get over to the next scene.

Overall the movie was great and would definitely recommend a watch.

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