• Steven Upshaw

Mini Movie Review - Crossroads 1986

A little under appreciated movie that was actually very good is Crossroads....No not the Britney Spears mess but 1986 film starring Ralph Macchio as Eugene Martone and Joe Seneca as Willie Brown.

The movie is about a a Young Guitar playing interested in learning Blues Guitar and a famed lost song from a famous Guitar player. He seeks out and finds a musician named Willie Brown to find out about the player and to learn about "real blues" He and Brown escape a "old peoples prison" to settle old unfinished business with Scraps as he sold his soul to him to be a famous musician. Scraps Challenges him and Brown friend of his debt if Martone can beat his newest player.

This movie is just awesome. The music played, The atmosphere is exquisite for the time period of old blues Mississippi. The music written by Ry Cooder and performed by he, Steve Vai make you just want to sit and watch. It made you really understand that if sell your soul for talent, you may not like what you get.

The actors performances were perfect for the movie as well as Macchio as the shy unknowing student works. This movie as gone with critical complaints as a generic Sell your soul movie but is much more. I would highly recommend this movie for a good fantasy music movie.

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